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Members' Newsletter May 2014



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Wednesday 9th June 2010

Former Wimbledon tennis champion Richard Krajicek was at LMTC on Wednesday 9 June.  The 1996 Grand Slam winner came over to help with our Schools Tennis Programme which is sponsored by ABN Amro.
He took part in a session at Les Landes School in the morning, working on general co-ordination and ball skills.  In the afternoon he was at LMTC to provide more specialised coaching to two groups of juniors.

Channel TV covered the event and their report can be seen at  The accompanying text follows:

Former Wimbledon Champion Richard Krajicek has been in Jersey putting some of the island's youngsters through their paces.

The 1996 winner was over to support Les Mielles Tennis Club's Schools Tennis Programme.

Richard Krajicek's first visit to Jersey came about via his links to the Dutch bank ABN Amro. He's an ambassador for them, and they're sponsoring ten tournaments at Les Mielles. And the main coach at the club admits it's a big coup having Richard in the island.

Joel Camp from Les Mielles Tennis Club said:
"The kids have been absolutely amped about this for weeks and weeks. They can't wait to get Richard on court and hit a few balls. It's fabulous."

Krajicek was quietly impressed with what he saw.
The key for him is getting as many youngsters playing tennis as possible. He said:

"I always try to get kids involved in tennis. I have my own foundation in Holland and we built playgrounds in inner-city neighbourhoods so we built now 63 playgrounds. So I'm always pro or into getting kids into sports and especially tennis."

Krajicek's already thinking about when he might come back to the island: "One possibility is if someone invites me again. Like I said, I like it here and I've only had a short stay and it's very relaxing here. So maybe I'll come another time for a week to have a little holiday with my family because it's really beautiful here. So that's another possibility that I'm already here or by invitation. So I think there's a very big chance I'll be back here soon."

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